Top Ten Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Providers for the first quarter of 2007

Posted on: May 5, 2007

Top Ten Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Providers for the first quarter of 2007

Carlos Todd, LPC, CAMF is a new Anderson & Anderson providers and one of our emerging superstars. Mr. Todd is the principal provider of anger management and executive coaching for Excel Personal Development in North Carolina . He is also a prolific writer with an interest in emotional intelligence. A number of Mr. Todd’s blog entries appear on the following blogs:,, and

Sonia Brill, MSW, LCSW, CAMF. Ms. Brill is a New York University trained Clinician with extensive experience in mental health and the private practice of psychotherapy. Ms. Brill received graduate training from New York University and post-graduate training in Group and Family Work from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Group and Family Institute. She is currently based in Denver Colorado where she provides anger management, executive coaching and an enervative anger management assessment consultation practice. Sonia is an active member of the Anderson & Anderson team of trainers and our Key Person for Colorado . For an interesting blog and an effective website, click here:,

Colbert Williams, MSW, LCSW, CAMF. Mr. Williams is an experienced License Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience in family violence and psychotherapy. He recently produced one of the most impressive marketing DVDs ever for providers of anger management and executive coaching. This DVD can be viewed at his website . Not only are we endorsing this Marketing DVD, Anderson & Anderson is recommending that all of it’s’ providers review this DVD and consider using Colbert Williams to adapt it for their use.

Gregory Kyles, M.A., LPC, CAMF. In addition to being an Anderson & Anderson Key Person for Texas , Mr. Kyles is the Texas Vice President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers. In this role, he is working actively with the Texas State Legislature to pass legislation to mandate anger management for all middle school students in the state of Texas . Mr. Kyles is making certain that Anderson & Anderson Providers are positioned to play a significant role in providing anger management and executive coaching in Texas . Anger Management Institute of Texas is a major provider of anger management in Houston .

Lindsay Ferguson, M.A., MFT, CAMF, Lindsay and his impressive staff are working assertively to position Marin Anger Management as the premier executive and anger management provider for Marin County . He is working with the courts as well as corporations and hospitals in Northern California to consider anger management as a proactive intervention to prevent unhealthy anger.

Linda Lammers, CAMF, . Linda Lammers previously provided anger management as an Anderson & Anderson Provider in California . She has only been in Tucson for 8 months yet she has emerged and the Anderson & Anderson Key Person for Arizona and New Mexico. She has sponsored the Anderson & Anderson Facilitator Certification recently in Tucson and Phoenix . Linda is positioned to purchase Licensing Agreement for Arizona and New Mexico .

Frank Morales, M.S., CAMF,, Mr. Morales has been a Certified Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Provider for approximately 5 years. During this time he has emerged as the most respected professional anger management provider in the South. He is responsible for creating a number of programs for the Court System in Alabama . Mr. Morales has identified three different types of programs being utilized by the court systems in Alabama that require a person who is trained and Certified in Anger Management to deal with angry people who cannot communicate effectively with each other:
Conflict Resolution Program-used to lower resentments, improve communication, and remove adversarial barriers that prevent co-parenting. This program is also utilized in workplace disputes.
Parenting Coordinators are appointed by the court in several states to work with couples who exhibit a high degree of conflict. The parenting coordinator makes binding decisions when the couple cannot agree.
Collaborative Law-where people sign contracts with lawyers and agree not to go to court. Here, the term divorce coach is used to help parties agree to keep the situation amiable.
According to Mr. Morales, “Family Law court is overwhelmed with contested divorce cases and motions being brought repeatedly before the court which takes a considerable amount of court time. Many of these arguments could have been resolved by Certified Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Providers who have experience dealing with people who score in the deficit range of the Conover Assessment in anger, stress, assertive communication or empathy. With this in mind, Anderson and Anderson providers are a perfect match for this type of work. We have the most training and should market ourselves as such. Anger Management is the most critical element needed for the success of the above programs. Both lawyers and judges should be approached from the aspect of our ability to lower the adversarial element thereby not creating unworkable post-divorce custody situations and managing case flow better in the court system. Mr. Morales will use his position as an Anderson & Anderson Key Person to integrate the above three programs into future Certification Trainings.

Arnold Abrams, CAMF, Mr. Abrams has been an Anderson & Anderson anger management provider for almost 15 years. He has 7 locations in Los Angeles County making him the largest single provider in the County. 1AAA Family Harmony—Armonia Familiar, which is Mr. Abrams organization has anger management contracts with Los Angeles County in relation to substance abuse and anger management.

Karina Narduzzi, CAMF, Since January of 2005, Positive Solutions Certified Anger Management and Executive Coaching has been offering real-world classes and workshops that enable motivated persons to get control of and manage their anger. Kirina is a regular contributor to the Anderson & Anderson blog and frequently supports the brand on her own blog.

Karen Golob, C.C.D.C., C.A.M.F, Anger Management Services of Beverly Hills has an unusual practice. Karen specializes in offering executive coaching to high profile clients. She contracts with upscale Rehab Programs in the Los Angeles area to provide executive coaching to their clients. Email: ,Website:

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAP
Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers
Fellow, American Orthopsychiatric Association


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