Does anger grow on trees

Posted on: May 5, 2007

Does anger grow on trees ?





My mother told me repeatedly as a child, “money does not grow on trees son, someone has to earn it.” As an adult I have come to realize that anger does not grow on trees either, we learn it. Behind the old saying about money is the idea that it had to come from somewhere. As children the origins of money was foreign to many. The same maybe true about those who struggle with anger. They want to know how is it possible that I am so angry and why do I only feel the remorse after the outburst. I wish I could help myself they would say.



How individuals express their anger is a learned response. It often emerges from the family and even neighborhoods in which we were raised. If those in our surrounding respond to frustration with impulse aggression, passive aggression, isolation or fits of rage the tendency to repeat this kind of behavior is very high. As a therapist who sees adults and children, anytime an individual presents with anger invariably the history WILL reveal an environment in which anger was not expressed appropriately.




The good news as there is hope, just as money is earned, appropriate anger responses can be learned. The mystery has been solved. By simply learning the four tenants of anger management as described by George Anderson-communication skills, emotional intelligence, stress management and anger management anyone can be well on their way to leaving the bad lesson of anger behind.



Anger hurts! Studies have linked anger to very serious consequences therefore looking up a trained anger management facilitator is an important step in breaking the cycle of anger. Visit for a facilitator near you.


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