Woman has a heart attack and is referred for anger management

Posted on: May 5, 2007

Woman has a Heart attack and is referred for Anger Management.

Recently I received a surprising referral. A middle age woman who just had a heart attack is referred by her physician to have anger management as part of her overall care post hospitalization. This is testimony to the continued credibility of anger management as a field.As anger management as a field gains credibility we continue to discover that learning simple skills in anger management, communication, stress management and emotional intelligence can not only improve our relationships but may actually be saving our lives. We applaud the fact that the medical profession has begun to see the usefulness of a collaborative effort in the possible reduction in risk factors for a second heart attack.

Noted researchers Rosenman and Friedmon in their book, Type A Behavior and your Heart suggested that it was the attributes that can be summarized in the desire to control that may do more to increase high-risk cardiac symptoms than diet. As we broaden our concept of the usefulness of anger management I encourage my reader to examine their own lives and if you have persistent anger you may be putting your health at risk. To find a well trained provider in your area who can help you learn skills to manage your anger visit

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Diplomate, American Association of Anger Management Providers Carlos Todd is an Anderson and Anderson Anger management provider in
North Carolina


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