The Tale of an Anger Management Provider

Posted on: June 24, 2007

I have always wanted to be a partner in improving the lives of others. Some years ago, I decided to do all the right things and get an education and a state license to practice as a clinical social worker. In the early years I was able to do what I loved and still leave my office everyday–proud that I was doing my part in changing lives while at the same time generating the kind of income that allowed me to take care of myself and still explore new and innovative ways to improve my skills as a psychotherapist.


Over the last five years, however, something happened that became a source of frustration and eventual burnout. Insurance companies decided that the rates that they previously paid for mental health services were too high. As time went on my paperwork increased, demands from insurance companies increased and soon I was doing more paperwork than the thing that my heart desired so much–seeing client. I became an assembly line of psychotherapy. I had to see more clients per day to make ends meet and soon enough I noticed the quality of my work begin to dwindle. I was burnt out and stuck. I started searching for a way out of the managed care trap.

Discovered Anger Management

As a psychotherapist I knew that my skills at the core were that of a facilitator/teacher so when I came across anger management certification I was curious. I explored this for some months and stumbled upon the Anderson and Anderson anger management model. It took three days to do the certification program and I have not looked back since. Like any business, it is difficult especially changing over to an all anger management practice. However, it has been rewarding. Now I am able to not only see clients without the burden of insurance but I provide executive coaching, training seminars and consultation on anger management issues.

My Experience

I have one piece of advice to any individual starting out in anger management–do not underestimate the power of the internet. When I provided services as a psychotherapist I spent time and money in advertising that yielded very little. Today I utilize free and paid sites like,, as well as an article posting site like to advertise my services and post articles. Today all my referrals come from the internet.

My Groove is Back

I must say that I have gotten my “groove back” Today, I am insurance free and I have the opportunity to influence the lives of many while in the knowledge that I am giving to my clients all of me–not the burnt-out therapist waiting for managed care to make another ruling that will burden me and take away the quality of service my clients demand. Thanks anger management! You saved my practice and restored my passion

—Anonymous Anger Management Provider


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