National Trends in Anger Management

Posted on: July 4, 2007

The emerging field of professional anger management has experienced a dramatic surge in corporate and individuals referrals as well as media attention. While Los Angeles and New York are leading the way, smaller states such as Mississippi and Alabama are recognizing the value of legitimate anger management resources and moving to implement policies in a wide range of agencies and organizations.

 A sample of recent trends as reported by Anderson & Anderson Certified Facilitators of Anger Management:

  • Three major Universities in Mississippi enrolled Key Members of their Student Judicial Affairs staff in the recent Adult Anger Management Facilitator Certification offered by George Anderson in Choctaw, Ms. on June 20, 2007. These Universities are Alcorn, Jackson State and Toogaloo.
  • The Family Law Court in Huntsville, Alabama has begun referring most problematic divorce cases to Mr. Frank Morales for anger management assessment and intervention rather than the traditional psychological testing used in most Family Law Courts. This process began following a pilot conducted by Mr. Morales at Family Services of Huntsville, Alabama.
  • The Family Law Courts in Los Angeles are actually ordering combative parents to complete one year of anger management classes or coaching which is being described as “in the best interest of the children”. When parents fight it is the children who suffer.
  • Air Line Pilots have been recently referred to Anderson & Anderson Certified Providers in Los Angeles, Memphis and Charlotte North Carolina. It appears that these participants as well as their Air Lines have recognized the value of Executive Coaching for stressed out Pilots.
  • The print media, television, satellite radio, as well as professional journals and internet blogs and ezines have provided both positive and negative information regarding anger management. Certified anger management facilitators have appeared on ESPN, CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, London Times, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Toronto Star News, George Will’s syndicated column as well as professional journals in Nursing, Social Work and Psychology. Many of these articles can be found on the website of the American Association of Anger Management Providers at
  • Meetings are scheduled in mid-July with representatives of Major League Baseball teams regarding the implementation of anger management programs in organized sports.
  • The Director of Student Counseling at East Alabama University has received certification in the Anderson & Anderson model of anger management and will begin using it for students and faculty.
  • The Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation has ordered all U.S. based Hospitals to establish policies for “disruptive physicians”. In essence, a disruptive physician is one who has problems managing anger, stress, assertive communication and emotional intelligence.
  • Anderson & Anderson and its national network of providers have been listed as providers of executive coaching/anger management for disruptive physicians on-site nationwide. For a list of these providers, click here
  • Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Family Practice Physicians are now pursuing certification as anger management facilitators throughout the nation. This suggests the acceptance and recognition of anger management as a needed resource.

 For a more expansive view of the latest trends in anger management, please access the Google search engine and type in anger management trends, anger management facilitator certification, anger management classes or executive coaching/anger management.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF


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