The Anderson & Anderson anger management model breaks new ground in “couples counseling.”

Posted on: July 12, 2007

Couples struggling with ongoing conflict and frustrated with failed couples counseling turn to Carlos Todd, LPC,NCC,CAMF for help to resolve the problem of anger in their relationship. Carlos Todd is the Founder of Todd’s Anger Management Solutions located in Charlotte, NC and has been doing innovative work using the Anderson & Anderson anger management model to do what marriage counselors sometimes fail at–resolve martial conflict

Charlotte, North Carolina–July 12, 2007. The Anderson and Anderson anger management model has been used for more than a decade as a solution for individuals and organizations globally to resolve anger management problems. However Carlos Todd has found an innovative way to use this model with couples who have ongoing marital conflict.

The Anderson and Anderson anger management model has unique components which make it ideal for couples. It is important to note that this model is not a counseling model. It is a model used exclusively in the delivery of anger management classes and executive coaching. The same holds true when working with feuding couples; the intervention is not counseling. It is a class that assesses areas of deficit in managing anger and prescribes clear, specific behavioral interventions to facilitate change.

The model uses the Conover Assessment which is an anger management` map that provides information on the client’s level of interpersonal aggression, assertiveness skills, empathy, stress, interpersonal deference, and desire to change. The information provided in the assessment is used to provide interventions in the four key areas of the model—Communication skills, Anger management, Stress management, Emotional intelligence (CASE)

Couples have observed that from the point of the assessment they acquire a clear picture of the source of the conflict and are able to work towards a solution using the easy to follow workbook Gaining Control of Ourselves. Each couple is provided with a custom intervention plan that will focus on 1-4 components of the model. Many couples consider emotional intelligence as a must in this program. The sessions conclude with a post test to asses the level of improvement.

Calls for couple’s anger management often come from wives who are also encouraging a reluctant husband to participate in anger management. The unique aspect of the use of this model is that it is non-threatening to men. This is because it is a class that is very structured and does not involve probing into heavy emotional issues which makes it attractive to men. It also keeps the male’s interest throughout the entire process. This is a major breakthrough in working with couples and anger management.

The projection is that interest in this model for couples will grow exponentially. Todd’s Anger Management Solutions will continue to innovate and working with couples who often call its offices deeply concerned that if the anger in their relationships is not resolved deeper scars related to a failed marriage and hurt children will be the result.

Todd’s Anger Management Solutions is a caring, compassionate and confidential organization dedicated to meeting the anger management needs of couples. Contact Carlos Todd today at 704-804-0841 or for a free consultation regarding your anger management needs. Visit their website at to learn more about our services.

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