Every felt emotion is not a call to action

Posted on: July 14, 2007

Every emotion felt is not necessarily a call to action. So often we think or feel “something” and take it as the truth without engaging in an internal conversation to determine if our emotions or thoughts are valid. A hallmark of being human is being able to have that internal conversation to the extent that we are able to perceive the future and make decisions that ensure our survival. The tendency to be act out in rage in primal and can have severe consequences.


Imaging for a moment if each person on this planet had a deadly anger outburst at least once a year! The impact could be more tragic than a nuclear boom. This is why emotional intelligence is so important. We must be aware of how we feel and take the appropriate steps to meet our needs without resorting to anger. It has been well established that while anger brings some short term relief its long term consequences can be destructive. We must do all in our power to seek ways to meet our emotional needs in a sustainable way that ensures our own well being and those around us. Total anger management programs like Anderson and Anderson can be very helpful in this regard.



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Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF


2 Responses to "Every felt emotion is not a call to action"

I’d like to say, as it may give a diferent perspective to this particular topic, that all emotionas are on themselves, calls to action, but not necessarily, we need to take that action. In my humble opinion, emotional inteligence, is about being aware of the ‘calls’ and decide if we are going to follow it or not, based on the consecuances that they will bring to Us, and how they serve our purposes.

Thanks, Nicolas

I think we share similar views. Thanks for taking the time to post comments.

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