What is anger management ?

Posted on: July 25, 2007

Anger Management…

It is not useful for domestic violence cases.
It is not conflict resolution.
It is not psychotherapy or counseling.
It is not a mental health intervention.
It is not a treatment for mental or nervous disorders.
It is not appropriate for men who beat their wives or significant others.
It is not an insurance covered disorder.
It is not for someone who has “gone berserk”
It is not “rehab”
It is not a remedy for racism.
It is not psychotropic medication prescribed by a psychiatrist.
It is not psychoanalysis.
It is not a religious based cure.
It is not designed to teach one how not to get angry.

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is a course specifically designed to teach participants how to recognize the signs of anger, stress and typical styles of communication in themselves and others.
Anger management should always begin with an assessment to determine the participant’s level of functioning in managing anger, stress, communication and emotional intelligence.

Anger management classes teach skills to enhance the day to day management of intense feelings of anger and stress.

Anger management teaches skills in assertive communication and emotional intelligence.
Anger management uses a wide range of activities to increase empathy, compassion as well as effective communication.

Anger management improves self-esteem as well as interpersonal relationships.
Anger management should be made available to students as a routine course in grade school.

Anger management raises the Emotional Intelligence of all motivated participants and therefore should be seen as an opportunity for growth and change.

Emotions including anger are an important aspect of every person. Instead of disconnecting our emotions, anger management focuses on teaching participants to control unhealthy actions.

George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CEAP
Fellow, American Orthopsychiatric Association
Diplomate, American Asociation of Anger Management Providers


1 Response to "What is anger management ?"

wether by overt or covert reasons that causes anger it should be noted that the management depends on psychological intricacy of a person. it should neverbe seen as a universal phemomenum. class,race,ethinicity,religion and tribe should all be considered inmanagement of anger.

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