The importance of a professional anger management

Posted on: August 16, 2007

Anger management counseling, therapy, intervention, training, or however one may describe it is not an area of specialization of any mental health discipline at this time. The American Psychiatric Association maintains that anger is not a pathological disorder and therefore is not a focus of study at this time. Essentially, what is meant by this statement is that there is no DSM 1V disorder relative to anger. In contrast, the American Psychological Association is taking an active role in researching the harmful effects of anger.


A committee has been established to develop a new category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual relative to anger as a disorder. If this is successful, (and it can not occur without the American Association of Psychiatric Association as well as the National Association of Social Workers) the inappropriate display of anger would become a recognized mental health disorder and therby a subject of research and treatment. Without an anchor or discipline to link to, providers of anger management have been working without an official voice, a code of ethics, training standards, regulations or a body of knowledge relative to intervention.


There is now some good news. Recently, the American Association of Anger Management Providers was established to represent the interests of professional anger management providers nationwide. One of the goals of this association is to bring together providers of all disciplines to conduct research, establish standards and offer protection to consumers of anger management intervention. The American Association of Anger Management Providers can be reached at We welcome your comments and questions regarding this or any other comments on this site.


George Anderson, LCSW, BCD


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