Anger: Consequence of Ignoring Emotions

Posted on: October 7, 2007

There maybe some dispute about what emotions are; however there is no doubt that they have an important role in our psychological and physical health. The reality is that the more emotionally intelligent one is, the more likely one is able to identify and interpret the meaning their own and the emotions of others accurately. Although it may seem simplistic, misinterpreting emotion can create at the very least embarrassing situations and at the most a series of missteps that can ruin careers and marriages.

Emotions are early warning signals that there is something amidst. Interestingly emotions, I would argue, are mental interpretations of physical symptoms. What do I mean? For example when one feels fear it is a combination of physical reactions like increased heart rate, sweating etc. The mind then interprets this cluster of physical reactions as FEAR. The same is true for all emotions. The point is that to ignore our emotions is to eventually create a state of defensiveness that makes the individual more prone to anger.

On any given day ask yourself how you really feel about life and your current circumstances. If what you get back is a set of negative emotions it is likely that anger is probably not to far away and is only waiting for the right trigger to set it off. A trained anger management facilitator can provide the help needed to improve emotional intelligence. The consequence will be awareness of your own emotions and an increased ability to manage anger.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

Anger Management/Executive Coaching of Charlotte, North Carolina


2 Responses to "Anger: Consequence of Ignoring Emotions"

I had the unfortunate experience of misinterpreting garden variety anxiety as fear. When I began to ask myself why I was afraid, I came up with answers. The end result was that I convinced myself that I was afraid of my dream job, and ended up turning it down when it was finally offered to me. Emotions sometimes need to be ignored. Cognitive assessment of what you want has to be paramount.

I ignore all bad emotions, I see them as simple reactions in my mind, they mean nothing at all, it is more of accepting them for what they are and not caring at all about them then ignoring, but I suppose those are the same thing. The feeling just goes away.
I am not prone to anger, it is also one of the emotions I can simply eliminate, I can controll all of my emotions, I enjoy ones like love and happyness, but can simply not feel the other ones because I know what all emotions are.

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