What is anger management?

Posted on: February 23, 2008

Most people believe that anger management is for people who are “out of control.”  Contrary to this belief, most people who receive anger management and emotional skills training are professionals. Anger management and anger management seminars are best suited for anyone who wants to learn about anger, control his or her responses to anger, and use effective techniques to avoid having escalated problems. Anger management is not counseling nor psychotherapy.

Different types of Anger Management Services

Seminar: A anger management seminar should focus on anger management. The structured seminar is built on the idea that the way anger is expressed is learned and, therefore, can be unlearned. The  information delivered in an anger management seminar is important. Not all seminars are alike.  The credibility of the facilitator/ or organization offering the seminar is critical. The instructor should be certified. There are few certifying organizations in the country; however, only one has set the standard and has received global acceptance. That organization is Anderson & Anderson ® , a Los Angeles-based organization that has certified thousands of instructors across the world in anger management. This model’s premise is that anger management should involve a focus on anger management as well as communication skills, emotional intelligence, and stress management.  The integration of these four components helps the client control their negative emotions and take a different action. If your ready to learn about yourself and control your angry response the seminar format that is taught by a certified provider is appropriate for you.

Classes: If your anger is too frequent, too severe, or too intense, then you should seek the help of a certified anger management provider, who can help you determine the best choice of treatment. Generally given in a group format, anger management classes have been found to improve communication, reduce stress, and improve work performance.  Individuals not only learn about their anger but they ultimately learn to handle it with ease.

Many individuals seek anger management classes in an effort to prevent divorce or work through anger issues to make divorce less contentious. Divorce can be a painful process and a certified facilitator can help the couple regain control over their lives. Many couples also participate in anger management classes in an effort to mediate child custody issues.

Executive Coaching: However, there are times when high-level executives, physicians, lawyers, nurses, and business owners desire private meetings, known as executive coaching. During these sessions, which are structured to take a coaching format, the client receives extensive assessments in anger management and emotional intelligence as well as intensive coaching that focuses on improving productivity, reducing stress, improving relationship skills, improving communication, and improving decision-making skills.  Anger management becomes a secondary issue once the primary issues listed above are addressed. Managing anger is not so difficult if core emotional intelligence skills are established. Making the choice to obtain coaching for anger management is critical to life and career success.

By Sonia Brill, LCSW, CAMF


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