The effect of change on improving our lives

Posted on: June 7, 2008

So often we mistakenly believe that we have little control over our lives, over what happens to us and what we become. It’s a pattern that can seem inescapable, but it’s also a pattern that can very detrimental to who we are and what we contribute to the world during our lifetime.

It’s understandable that we can find ourselves in a rut of helplessness. There are diseases and natural disasters that we can’t cure or prevent. We may be unfulfilled in our career but feel trapped because of our commitments and responsibilities. We may even feel stuck in relationships that are unhealthy. There really is nothing worse than feeling as though we have no options.

I realize that it may sound overly-simplistic, but even just acknowledging the fact that we can take control of our lives is enough to inspire us to make real and effective change. Once we admit to ourselves that we do have the inherent ability to take hold of almost any situation and change it for the better, we are liberated from our ruts and are able to truly live. We really are powerful beings!

Focus on the things you can control before you make the leap into developing goals that you hope will change the world. Effective change starts within each one of us. When we embrace the power of change – our own power to change – we unleash a confidence that many of us could not have believed existed.

While it’s true that there are many things that are beyond our control, the one sure change that we can affect is a commitment to ourselves and a commitment to make effective changes that will enhance our lives.

Carlos Todd, LPC


1 Response to "The effect of change on improving our lives"

Very good post. I think that we all have control over our lives, but only if we want to. People like to blame things on other people, nature, etc, but in all reality, we are responsible for 99% of the mistakes we make.

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