Live Online Nationwide Anger Management Offered from the Comfort of Home

Posted on: June 16, 2008

Charlotte, NC — Sometimes the solution to stress and anger actually contributes to it. For many, accessing the services of certified anger management facilitators is so challenging that the effort expended on finding a professional can lead to increased stressors. Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC is well aware of these challenges and is meeting them by offering live online anger management training to clients right across the country.

From the comfort and privacy of their own homes, clients are benefiting from the expertise of licensed mental health professionals with specific certification in the area of anger management.

“Receiving assessments and instruction in a familiar setting can assist our clients in the outcomes of their training,” says Carlos Todd, president of Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC. “When we’re able to remove some of the stressors associated with travelling distances to see a facilitator or by removing the anxiety of group sessions, we find that our clients excel in developing the skills needed to better manage their anger.”

Anger management classes are now just a click away with a home computer and internet connection. The professionals at Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC perform client assessments and then develop instruction aimed at helping them to better manage their stress and anger, communicate more effectively, resiliency, conflict management,negotiation and build empathy. Clients requiring court-mandated services can be confident that the live online program delivered by Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC meets the criteria of the courts. Active participation is required in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC is the leading provider of anger management and conflict coaching east of the Mississippi. Specializing in anger management classes, anger management assessment, couples conflict resolution, individual conflict coaching, and organizational training, the professionals at Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC serve a national clientele. President Carlos Todd is a renowned expert in the field of anger management and is much sought-after as a consultant to corporations and the media.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC,CAMF
Conflict Coach



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