Tips for Dealing with Anger

Posted on: July 2, 2008

Anger is one of the most complex emotions that we have. More often than not, the reactions and behaviors that are associated with anger are negative. While it is important to realize that anger is not a terrible thing to feel in the event of conflict, there should be steps taken to reduce the consequences of anger.

The next time anger is boiling inside, try following one of the following tips to overcome the conflict in a positive manner. First, try not to take negative situations personally. Another thing to do is practice calming breathing techniques. Taking just a few deep breaths and clearing the mind can cause a good portion of the anger to subside. Calm breathing allows for time to think about the conflict and the best ways to overcome it.

Empathy is probably the best thing to have in the event of an anger causing conflict. The next time you’re in a conflict with another individual stop and think for a minute or two about where the person is coming from. Having the ability to “walk in someone else’s shoes,” can help ease tension during a debate or argument.

Avoiding confrontation is also an effective means of dealing with anger and conflict. If something or someone is stirring up an unhealthy amount of anger in you, step away. Take a walk to calm your nerves and clear your head. Clear thinking is the best way to handle any situation.

A positive outlook on any situation is also helpful. Try not zoning in on the negative. Every conflict has a positive aspect buried deep within it. While it may take a while for that aspect to emerge, you will never be able to see it with pessimistic attitudes. Remember, the keys to anger control are patience and empathy.

Carlos Todd,LPC

President, Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC


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