Dealing with Stress in Your Daily Life

Posted on: July 8, 2008

Stress is a condition that if not dealt with properly can not only take toll on a person’s mental heath but also on his or her physical well being. Pent up stress that is not released can lead to: shoulder or back pain, tension headaches, constant fatigue, hair loss, lack of concentration, nervousness, and sometimes even chest pains. All of these symptoms will continue to contribute to your stress in one way or another, causing it to get worse and worse over time.

After dealing with stress for a long time, the person may find that he or she is depressed and has lost interest in everything that used to make him or her happy. The individual may be easily aggravated and quick to snap at others. The routine of every day life may cause the person to feel more and more impatient and dissatisfied.

As the stress and depression continue to consume an individual, he or she may become very short and angry with their loved ones; confusing their concern with nagging.

The effects of stress may have a noticeable impact on a person’s body and mind but it is those that are closest to the stressed individual that will suffer from the short temper and the anger that he or she may thrust upon them. Though stress can never be truly eliminated from anyone’s life, there are little things that can be done to ease stress. The most important thing is to find the main source of the stress and either confront it head on or kick it to the curb.

Carlos Todd, LPC, CAMF


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