Anger at work place

Posted on: July 10, 2008

All of us get angry at some point of time. For most it dissipates easily but anger at work place is something one has to learn to cope with. When there are twenty people there will be forty opinions. Listening to each and everyone patiently requires skills beyond what is taught at B-schools. Solving issues between colleagues on a daily basis can be quite draining to the mind. But the job of a boss is to resolve issues and make the company run on well oiled wheels. Patience, dealing with a firm hand and laying down rules and procedures for the staff to follow can resolve anger at work place to some extent. When there are set rules people do tend to follow them.

When there is anger at work place it affects productivity. An angry mind can never think clearly and work is finally affected. Keeping the staff motivated and on their toes is the job of a good manager. Communication is another issue that can melt anger in a person. More than using latest technology and software dealing with man power is the most challenging issue at work place. If the process of conflict resolution is viewed as an opportunity for growth and change in a work environment, the potential for a positive outcome is great. In the same way, the overall ability of a company to solve problems through collaborative efforts has a strong impact on the organization’s bottom line and overall success.

As a human resource manager if one can solve issues on an individual’s level then that company can surely double not only their man power but also their profits. This can lead to peak performance in people and we can learn to become better peacemakers at work place.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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