Communication Skills in the Workplace

Posted on: July 10, 2008

Not knowing what someone expects of you at your place of employment can lead to feelings of anger and frustration. If the managers of your company can not communicate their expectations easily to the staff, the employees may begin to lose respect for the company.

Good communication skills at work is one of the key determining factors in whether a company works as a well oiled machine or is doomed to fail. Bosses and supervisors are in positions in which good communication skills are vital. Managers should be able to effectively explain to employees what is expected of them at work.

A boss that is constantly questioning and or doubting his or her own orders to the staff is going to lose any respect that he or she may have from the workers. When the communication lines are broken between the staff and the management then chances are the communication lines are going to be broken from on employee to another.

Without specific expectations being communicated, staff members may feel free to do their job they way they see fit, sometimes without consideration for the company’s needs or the needs of other staff members. If a company does not have a positive communication channel between employees and management a business can not succeed. When there are no productivity guidelines, an employee can become angry or frustrated because they do not know what is expected. In return, management may become angry or upset when a project is not completed as they would have liked. Good supervisor and staff communication is vital in avoiding anger and conflict in the workplace.

Carlos Todd, LPC


2 Responses to "Communication Skills in the Workplace"

Thanks for this, which I found stimulating and thought provoking.

I guess that, in the world of relationships and communications, authenticity is so important.

Part of being authentic can be using your own words rather than relying on cliches of the sort that are used in Business Communication.

I’ve just blogged on “Let’s CHANGE ‘Management Speak’!” which could be a chance to come up with some new descriptions that use words that suit you. I wonder what you think?


Thanks for your comments. I had a change to review your blog. I added it to my blogroll.

Miscommunication in the business environment can lead to poor productivity an even passive aggressiveness. Maybe it would be best if employers communicate exactly want they mean and want. Thanks again. I am thinking about doing a month long series on work rage in August. Maybe you can check that out.


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