Anger in the Economy

Posted on: July 11, 2008

A bad economy and the feeling of anger may go hand in hand. When the media or an acquaintance discusses the possibility of the economy crashing, the first emotion felt is usually not anger. Eventually, anger and fear do come up to the surface.

When talks begin about the poor condition of the economy, the first thing that some people may want to do is find someone to blame for the potentially financially devastating problems.

Businesses are also feeling the stress of the declining economy and company owners are beginning to feel like there is nobody attempting to offer financial solutions. To compensate for a bad economy, businesses have to raise prices on their products or services so that they can make profits.

In response to the higher prices, the consumers get very upset and angry with business or store owners, and may boycott products or seek to purchase them elsewhere. Since boycotting products leads to decrease revenues, businesses may take their anger out on the government for not stepping up and helping

More and more people are finding themselves in financial situations that the bad economy is contributing to. Mortgage companies and banks are foreclosing on homes and forcing families to become homeless as they continue to sink more and more into dept. There is anger toward the mortgage companies, as well as anger toward themselves for not being able to keep their family safe and in the home. Families are also struggling to keep gas in their cars to get to and from work.

As a nation my hope is that our anger will be the catalysis to mobilize us to birth the innovative ideas that will usher in a new era in the history of America. I firmly believe that anger has not consumed us in the past and it will not this time either. Let us now plant the seeds and watch a new America arise stronger and bolder than ever.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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