Anger due to lack of appreciation

Posted on: July 13, 2008

As a human being besides basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter the next thing we need is appreciation. We all want to be appreciated for our efforts, be it at home or at work place. When that appreciation is lacking disappointment sets in and that gets converted into anger. Motivation and achievement are like two sides of a coin. Both go together. If your staff is motivated then they can perform better. Stock options and Esops offered by companies help people to perform better and help in the growth of the company. They give more than 100% to their work and retention of employees in such companies is less.

Lack of appreciation leads to staff leaving the company and join a rival one. Then it is like a revolving door of people coming and going. Though infusion of new ideas is healthy still the output of the company suffers. There are companies where though people are paid lesser than their counterparts they still to cling to the company only because their efforts are recognized and they are treated well. Appreciation of ones efforts and a few words of praise always help people to achieve more. Where as lack of appreciation can make the person angry and not only leave the company but also try to ruin and sabotage the company. Lack of appreciation is cited by employees as the number one reason why they are always on the lookout for another job. Anger is one emotion that should be avoided at work place. The company and their human resource managers should see to it that staff are praised for their performance and appreciated for their efforts. This can lead to a pleasant atmosphere at work place and help the company to grow leap and bounds.

Carlos Todd, LPC


1 Response to "Anger due to lack of appreciation"

This is very well written and I think appreciation is often even stronger a need than eating for some people. It is too bad most employers feel that they do better by witholding praise so people don’t become complacent.


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