Anger with colleagues

Posted on: July 14, 2008

Many a time’s people whom we work with can cause problems for us. Especially colleagues. There can be many reasons for this. It might be due to jealousy, incompetence, or just plain mischief. When there are fifty people working together, anger and resentment amongst them is quite natural. Nobody likes anybody and everybody wants only themselves to achieve. This peer pressure and competitive attitude has caused many scenes at offices where colleagues are angry with each other. This is where the boss or a human resource manager comes into picture. If they have strategized how to keep all their staff at optimum level then these issues will get ironed out.

There are colleagues who will take appreciation for your work by claiming it as theirs. This is often the case in most of the companies. If transparency is maintained then these kind of impersonation is common at work place. The job of a boss is to keep a cool head, judge people and keep them motivated to perform their best. Once the boss doesn’t get swayed by a psychofant then it’ll be difficult for colleagues to create trouble. There can be healthy competition, but to be angry and vindictive is not good for the organization.

Another important aspect for colleagues to work together in harmony is not to criticize anyone in front of others. If the boss or anyone else has a problem then it is better to sort it out in private and not in public. While correcting one person’s mistake in front of other staff may lead to disrespect for the individual as well as the colleagues will look down upon him. A good manager will keep himself approachable to all his staff at all times. Communication can dissipate anger and resentment at work place and between colleagues.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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