Anger at not achieving set goals

Posted on: July 16, 2008

All of us set goals in everything we do. Only we don’t seem to follow it. Whether it is for weight loss or studies or in a relationship goal setting plays an important role in our lives. At work and in career setting goals is a must. Unless you clearly write down your goals you will not have clarity as to what you wish to achieve. And when you write down you goals you are clear about achieving them. Only when you don’t achieve or unable to anger sets in. you are angry with yourself as well as with your boss or subordinates. All of us blame others when we fail in achieving our goals. We either blame our luck or the organization or your boss.

There are two schools of thought in management regarding goal setting. One recommends total freedom to subordinates, to come up with their own solutions. This seems to encourage creativity and hence productivity. The second school of thought suggests that the path or the approach to a problem should be clearly defined by the supervisor to avoid confusion later on. Both have their merits and the choice of a particular method depends on the situation. If it is a raw employee, new to the work or organization, the later approach would be better. If it is an experienced person, the former would be better suited.

To get rid of anger the first step is acceptance. Once you accept that you are responsible then automatically you will find ways to move ahead and solve issues. When you think with a clear mind it’ll be easy for you to analyze the situation and set it right. That is the best and positive approach to get over anger at not achieving your goals.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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