Anger at Spouse

Posted on: July 22, 2008

There are umpteen reasons for us to be angry with our spouses, or partners. They can be due to lack of appreciation or not paying enough attention to your needs, being away from home due to work related issues, not participating in house activities, or just plain boredom. The best way to get rid of anger is to keep quiet and let the time pass. Time is the only healer for all issues. Partners can be exasperating while in a relationship. When you are new to each other the spark exists but as you spend more time with each other we tend to take our spouse for granted. Forgetting important days like birthday is generally the major issue. A woman needs to be constantly appreciated. Do that and see how she melts in your arms.

Another area where anger exists between spouses is in bringing up kids. Since both are from different back grounds there are many issues that need to be sorted out. The best way is to sit down and have a good talk. Flying off the handle at simple provocation can only lead to disaster in a relationship. By practicing yoga and meditation you can keep yourself calm and composed.

A positive attitude towards your relationship and communication can help your relationship go on successfully. Couples need to plan and prioritize in the beginning itself. Learn to agree to disagree on certain issues. Compromise and adjustment is very essential. Instead of being individualistic, approach life as a team. This helps you grow and bond well together and relegate anger to the back burner.

Carlos Todd, LPC


1 Response to "Anger at Spouse"

Hey Carlos… you make some good points about dealing with anger in relationships. Your point about showing appreciation, hit the nail on the head. Not showing appreciation for the other person in the relationship is one of the primary causes of issues. It’s always important to pay attention, and show appreciation for the people that are in our lives… it lets the other person know they’re noticed and loved. Men, in particular, should pay attention to those words. Good post!

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