Anger due to lack of adequate team spirit and leadership qualities

Posted on: July 22, 2008

Team spirit does not necessarily mean that you need to be at their throats. A leader will know how to unobtrusively get work done from his staff. It is desirable that once a task has been delegated, you keep away. I have seen bosses pestering, hour on hour about the progress of work, giving suggestions and corrections all the while. Don’t be a back seat driver. It is demoralizing and sometimes downright irritating to the driver, when someone keeps correcting course from behind. Have faith in your subordinate. I can hear you moaning” If I leave it to these dunderheads, my business will close down within no time.” This is a common refrain from owners of small businesses. But you must have faith in your employees. Faith can do wonders. Let me assure you that people are capable of producing stunning results if left alone to their own ways.

Authority with responsibility:

Responsibility without authority is like a ship without a rudder.

Make available resources:

Without the necessary resources, a person is likely to fail in his job.

Supervise unobtrusively:

There is no doubt that watching over the progress made by a subordinate is good management practice.

Rewarding success:

Sometimes a good pat on the back is a reward by itself.

Owning responsibility:

Don’t play blame games in case of failure. As an entrepreneur, you have to accept that the buck stops with you, each and every time.

These are the qualities of effective leadership. When these qualities are missing then anger sets in. Getting angry is no solution to this problem. Try and find rapport with your subordinates. In a small business it is important for the employer to retain his staff through having personal relations. By being kind and considerate you can win the hearts of your staff and you will see productivity increasing. This is a tried and tested method.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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