Anger due to single parenting

Posted on: July 22, 2008

It is indeed a stress to bring up kids on your own. Today single parenting is an important issue in our society as women refuse to leave their kids in day care and go for work. With many women jumping on to home based businesses that give them time to spend with their kids as well as satisfy her creative needs. Not to forget money. Being both father and mother to kids can be exasperating and hard. Single parenting puts tremendous pressure on women especially if she has to fend for herself.

That is when you are angry with yourself, at your ex, and with God. This anger manifests in many ways and ultimately you turn into an in secured person. It is better to take a grip on your emotions and keep a cool head. Single parenting stress can be relieved if you can talk it out with the father of your kids that he also needs to shoulder responsibility of the kids. That can ease your tension a bit. Finances are another aspect that needs to be carefully looked into. Keep your money intact and try to economize to the best of your ability. With a tidy sum in pocket and a home to live in your insecurity may vanish a bit and give hope for a brighter future.

Try and create a bond between your kids and your parents. That can give you some breathing time for yourself so that you can pamper yourself with a visit to the beautician and may be a dinner date. After all you do have a life of your own. Be positive, patient and optimistic. Single parenting can also be fun if your kids are grown up and can help you in household chores. Sharing, caring and enjoying can release the anger within you and make you lead a stress free life.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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