Anger and low self esteem

Posted on: July 23, 2008

Each one of us has our own uniqueness. If some are creative others are talented in other ways. We need to identify our strengths use them to their fullest. By comparing with others you only end up feeling inferior or complexed. That can lead to low self esteem in an individual and that could lead to anger and rage. Low self esteem at work place is quite common; especially if your colleague is doing well and gets noticed for his or her efforts. You may also be equally good but it is just that you are not as smart as he/she is. Inability to make decisions because of confusion and fear of making a mistake or of disappointing others can also be due to low self esteem. Slowly the person isolates herself/ himself and with draws into a shell.

Anger due to low self-esteem can lead to rage and sometimes even prove fatal. People end up with depression and are on medication. Some even harm themselves. Low self esteem may be due to abuse as a child or victim of separated parents, insecurity due to illness, shy because of stammering or being bullied by peers. All these can lead to low self esteem and this turns into anger and fury. This can also lead to stomach aches, head aches and serious illnesses. Sustained anger can have terrible consequences including suicide, murder, accident, alcoholism, drug abuse, food disorder, heart disease, cancer, stroke, or some other form of physical breakdown. First and foremost learn to love yourself. That can put an end to your inferiority complex. Also think that you are the best gift God has given and you will excel in whatever you do.


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