Teenage anger

Posted on: July 24, 2008

Children throwing temper tantrums, is not uncommon. There’re parents who swear that they’ve themselves guarded against losing their temper in front of children, but still their children have turned out to be terrors. While it’s easier to fight fire with fire, while handling children, the best that parents can do is, adopt age-related strategies and cope. Sometimes, an infant should be left to his devices, for he will demand when he’s hungry. Distracting a 3 year old will help. A 5 year old will learn if adults stick to their guns or if ‘time-out’ is practiced. An older child who hasn’t learnt to control his temper will need parental ears and reasoning can help. If he’s justified in being angry, maybe a reality check can help. Teaching him coping techniques, tact, diplomacy may surprise him too. In teenage kids go through physical and hormonal changes. These changes perplex them and they know they are not kids any more. They expect to be treated like adults and don’t like to be told by parents what they should do.

Dealing with angry teens can be a task. Parents need to be careful as this is the time when psychological changes affect teenagers and bipolar disorder starts during teenage. It’s very important to watch them and counsel them accordingly. Teenage anger has led to violence and disaster. Teenage anger is more an emotion than a behavior. If parents are separating then teens anger will show on them. The insecurity teenagers feel because of broken homes makes them angry. The best way to solve is to take a step back and find more positive and healthy ways to deal with it. By maintaining composure, parents can be good role models and open the door to constructive communication with their children.


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