Overworked and angry

Posted on: July 26, 2008

Work has become the focus of every one today. There is no family time or kids time any more. Its work, work and more work. With the advancement in technology work has entered the family household also. Mobile phones and internet has made it a 24/7 office time. Gone are the days when people used to come back from work by 6 P.M and forget office. Today even weekends are spent in front of the computer answering Emails and doing office work. This can be frustrating and family life get’s disturbed. With deadlines being issued people are busy getting connected all around the globe to sell their product. Sitting in the US if you wish to do business with Japan or any other eastern country you need to keep awake to their time schedule. That not only affects your sleep but also quality time with your partner. This leads to anger and discontentment in family life.

Jim says, “My wife was always screaming and complaining and kids were clinging on to me greedily, solely because I was never around to spend quality time with my family. My days and sometimes nights were spent in the office trying to complete the excess work assigned to me. Heaps of assignments were always piled on my office desk that had to be completed by unrealistic deadlines. Work always seemed unorganized and incomplete and eventually all I gained was negative criticism from my senior manager. I ended up feeling angry and furious and looking at so much work made me insane. I would snap at my wife and children and was totally stressed due to over burden of work”.

The best way to deal with this is to list your priorities. Once you know how much work is there you need to manage your time ably to relax in the evenings and during weekends. That way you can manage your time as well as not be stressed. Time management is the key to success. This not only increases productivity, puts a stop to health issues too.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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