Alone and angry

Posted on: July 31, 2008

Absence of companionship can be due to many reasons. Divorce, widowhood, single parenting, or long distance marriage can all lead to absence of companionship. When a man or woman has to shoulder responsibility all by oneself it becomes difficult and he/ she are unable to cope with it. That is when anger wells up in an individual. This anger is generally aimed at self or at the companion who has left him/her. In widowers they generally blame God for taking away the person whom he loved the most. The loss of companionship can leave a man shattered and he takes to drinking alcohol to forget his pain. This can be dangerous as kids may ultimately be the sufferer.

Single parenting is another major problem American women face now. The pressure of being both father and mother can tell on their health and in turn they become angry towards their kids. Long distance marriage also can be painful as there is no one to share your feelings and emotions. If spouse is in one state and you in another talking over the phone cannot ease your burden. Spending lonely evenings and weekends can be boring. Cultivating same sex friends can be good to keep you from turning towards alcohol or extra marital affairs. Many people feel lonely due to absence of companionship and resort to unwanted and unhealthy habits.

A family is the best support system and parents are stabilizers for kids. In countries like India and China joint family system is still prevalent where siblings and other relatives compensate during times of need. Though it is still no compensation for a partner were at least the burden of bringing up kids is shared. When responsibility is shared the stress in an individual decreases. And anger withers away.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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