Dealing with anger at a supervisor

Posted on: August 19, 2008

Displaying anger at your workplace either at your supervisor or subordinate can be a reaction to unfairness, work overload or incompetence. It also could be triggered due to a major incident as in a demotion, a lay off or someone else’s promotion. But in today’s workplace scenario, exhibiting anger, wrath and rage is just not acceptable. One has to learn to tame the fierce tiger. In fact more and more companies are realizing how an angry employee can negatively affect the workplace.

Initially being tagged as a screamer used to be sign of ‘macho’ an indication that you are expecting better performance and results from your colleagues. Sadly it worked then as people never bothered bringing up a controversial work issue with a colleague who has a reputation of screaming and exploding. However, that has radically changed. In fact one of the key requirements for successful employees is the ability to focus and remain calm and composed even in the most tumultuous situation. If you are at logger heads with your supervisor, don’t let it show even if you are burning inside. Remember he is the man in authority so be smart and diplomatic. Try the anger control therapy before the situation gets worse. Let your mind and body be at peace with each other and gradually start searching for the source of your anger. Then disable those triggers and adapt new patterns of behavior. Try and talk it out with your supervisor like mature individuals and find a neutral solution. To deal with anger is not innate, you got to learn and practice how to control it. You may be right on a certain topic but the repercussion of your outburst will linger around long after everyone has forgotten the issue itself. If your anger is dealt with at the infant stage, then its chances to grow into aggression are considerably minimized.


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