How to politely let a coworker know to stop sending forwards?

Posted on: August 24, 2008

“I opened my inbox and there it was again, a whole lot of forwards from my colleague. I enjoyed each one of them in the beginning but there seemed to be no end to this junk mail. My inbox would be full up to the brim and my mornings would start clearing it and sending them in the trash can.” Haven’t you heard this before?

Well! This is not a very rare situation but if you find the forwarded emails irritating and irksome you can always keep deleting them. It’s definitely not a solution to the problem and if you feel the need to erase the issue at its root, then try and speak to the sender of theses forwards. Maybe you can tell him that you are already stressed with an overload of work and you really don’t find the time to read all the forwards. If he is smart enough he will be able read the hidden message. However if the forwards still linger in your inbox in spite of polite and repeated requests, then I guess you need to give him a piece of your mind. There is no need to get into a brawl or fist fight but you can still put across your feelings of anger and irritation in a curt and rigid manner. If you are not bold enough to confront him, then you can maybe ask a friend colleague to raise this issue in front of the sender and speak to him about. As the popular saying goes ‘pen is mightier than words’ you can send him an email elaborating very subtly your problem and a polite request to him to not send anymore forwards that are inconsequential or junk. By the end of adapting all these methods, I guess your coworker sending you the forwards will permanently erase your email address.


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You can also direct them to sites that debunk hoaxes and give abundant reasons and backing them up why sending chain letters is a terrible waste not only of time, but of resources as well.

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