Long hours, stresses and angry

Posted on: September 8, 2008

It is good to love your job and probably even be a workaholic. However if you trample certain limits, then it’s surely dangerous and hazardous to your health and physical well being. Working overtime or for longer schedules is by far the single biggest cause of stress and stress related ailments are a silent killer. They have an indirect impact on the person’s physical and mental health. Longer working hours means lower productivity as it tends to cause concentration lapses. It is wiser for the business to work smarter than longer.

Long work hours can also put off sexual intimacy between partners as one of them is always working which leads to frustration and depression. Meeting friends, socializing, community service, personal health and fitness and hobbies are all put on the back burner because of excessive working hours. It simply makes your life a mess. You feel pressurized and stressed all the time due to lack of sleep, concentration lapses and unwanted family squabbles. Losing on sleep during weekends because you are still putting in those extra hours leads to irritability and anger outbursts. Excess work hours also mean erratic eating habits which can disrupt your digestion and further aggravate health issues. In this highly competitive modern day world, working long hours has become a trend. It creates stress and tension that can severely hamper your major organs that may lead to heart attacks, kidney problems and high blood pressure. Since employees are the backbone of the company, their health and physical well being are of utmost importance. Working long hours results in a tired brain, low concentration and eventually poor productivity. This adversely affects the company and may result in resignation or recruitment problems. This causes irritability among employees. We cannot ignore the fact that working hard is essential to earn a livelihood but that doesn’t permit you to work late and sacrifice your health and time.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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