Dealing with anger among salesmen

Posted on: September 13, 2008

Our present day salesmen are becoming more and more impatient and anxious to climb the success ladder, show quick and instant results and earn a lot of perks and incentives in the process. For any salesman to succeed, he needs to have complete support and help from the organization. In addition to that, passion for the job, hard work and perseverance are the key fundamentals for a sky high sales figures and outstanding performance. However if either of this is lacking from the company’s side or from the salesman, then it leads to poor sales target and shoddy performance. Consequently, the sales man will be held responsible for the outcome even if ti may not be his fault and this causes anger, frustration and a feeling of defeat among salesmen.

A good salesman is also a good drill master. He knows how to get his sales figure to required target. However, very often the accounts department demands an increase in the sales without agreeing to increase expenses thus curtailing potential investments. This creates a situation where salesmen find it difficult to perk up the sales figures especially if the burden is all one side. In order to get over these feelings of anger and resentment, every salesman must start with a conviction. Once he is convinced about selling his product or service, convincing others will be relatively easy. Trying to face negative criticism and also winning in it will help salesmen to curb anger. Superior preparations and understanding the buyers thought process is the key to success. Use positive emotions in your sales process as it can lead to favorable decisions from your customers, make it a two way communication and the results will surely justify your efforts.

Carlos Todd,LPC


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