How an organized workspace can reduce stress and anger?

Posted on: September 21, 2008

An organized workspace means you will be more productive and increased productivity means that you will thoroughly enjoy what you are doing also spend more time pursuing it. This will fetch you a hell amount of money and you will feel happy and satiated at the end of the day. You will take less time to locating lost papers and missing files. And this is how you jubilant you are going to be in office, then voila! Stress and anger will stay miles away from you.

If you are organized and your desk doesn’t look like a disaster, them I guess you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a single day. Successful in a job means being organized in time as well as physically disciplined. Always keep your workspace clear for the task at hand and throw out everything unnecessary. This will help you to complete the job in time, meeting tight deadlines and thus keeping your boss in all praises and your mind and body both stress free too. Also try not keeping piles of useless paper copies when they already exist electronically. Unnecessary papers can clutter up the desk; make your work space look like a trash can and also make it impossible to locate the most important document when needed immediately. This leads to anger, irritation and anxiety. Keep all the footnotes in an organized manner so that they are handy and can be located without disrupting anything else. Have a way to let people know that you are not to be disturbed at a required time. Don’t overuse your authority but still be assertive and serious in your terms. Getting organized may seem overwhelming but if you schedule sufficient time to doe it, get the required supplies and maintain a good filing system, then nothing is impossible. If your workspace is not messy, then the next time you walk into it, you will feel energetic, rejuvenated and stress free.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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thanks for post, your tips is nice

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