How emotional intelligence can help you at work?

Posted on: September 21, 2008

Emotional intelligence is an important feature for you career graph and helps to create abilities that will improve your worth and foothold in the company. Emotional intelligence is quite different from intelligent quotient (IQ). The emotional intelligence skills (EI) are generally not measured by expertise tests or standard intelligence. Workers with better EI skills have better advantage when compared to highly intelligent people who are moody and have temper tantrums.

Possessing EI skills can sometimes be everything for reaching success and the top of any career ladder. However EI also does not mean being ‘nice’ or giving free reign to your feelings. EI helps to build leadership skills and competencies. It helps to build cohesive teams at all levels in the organization. EI helps an individual leader to comprehend his purpose and how it aligns with the company’s vision. The emotionally intelligent or competent persons are those who have the potential to identify their own and someone else’s emotions and feelings better, a person who utilizes these emotions and feelings in a constructive thought process better than others, a person who can sense someone else’s complex feelings that he wishes to conceal and a person who can crack a joke and cheering his team by saying the right thing at the right time. An emotionally intelligent person will steer the boat to the light house rather than letting it sail aimlessly. An emotionally intelligent employee or coworker will be both intelligent and accessible, will be around to listen and give a constructive feedback. An emotional intelligent employee is every employers dream to hire.

Carlos Todd, LPC


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