Unhappy with job and angry

Posted on: September 30, 2008

Millions of people worldwide live with the daily frustration, agitation, fear, anger and discouragement of being stuck in a job or career position where they feel stifled, stagnated and suffocated. A career position that does not exhibit any signs of upward growth in the form of more challenging assignments, more responsibilities, a hefty salary or positive prospects of a promotion can make you feel desperate, agonized and helpless. The pain of this victim-hood and not knowing what to do next leads to anger and more anger. In order to amputate this spiral of going nowhere you must take drastic steps instantly before you have a nervous breakdown. If you feel that there is more to this but you are sure of how to go to the next level, discuss the issue with a trustworthy colleague or friend. Don’t indulge in negative self talk as it will make the situation worse. Deep down you know and feel that you can do better, be happier and also be more successful. In case of such a situation, before anger and frustration reign over your commonsense and power to think rationally, you must resign form your current job and move on.

You must tell yourself that tomorrow is going to be different and you too will have the chance to bask in the glory of success and gratitude. Make a conscious effort to reflect, do the right thing and sincerely trust your gut feelings. It doesn’t seem fruitful to stay back in the same company year after year if your feelings of anger and resesentment are going to persist and grow more intense. It’s pretty obvious that your old days are not working and now it’s not a matter of staying up late, getting in earlier or putting in more hours of hard work. If your job is not allowing you to flourish and blossom and you feel stuck in it, its time you make mature decision and move on. You can probably take a short holiday that will help you to heal and cure grief and trauma before you kick start your new job

Carlos Todd, LPC


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