Anger Management- common reasons people become angry

Posted on: October 15, 2008

Anger management is a learned skill. Whenever you feel you are losing your temper in a way that may harm you, or others, you should look for professional help. Every one of us has lost temper at once or another. Anger management becomes issuing only when we are no longer able to control our anger.

When your anger controls you, it can cause you to do things you normally would never do, and even things you could regret for the rest of your life. Studies have shown that anger causes your pulse rate and blood pressure to rise. Hormones internal secretions like adrenaline and noradrenalin also rise when you are angry. Anger can push you backwards emotionally effecting your life in the areas of your personal relationships with others, it effects you physically as well.

In order to develop good anger management techniques, you must understand that our body naturally responds to any perceived threat by producing adrenalin to protect you and prepare for “fight”.Every person has triggers that set off their anger. Here are the most common reasons people become angry:

  • Threat to their values.
  • When someone insists they do something they don’t want to do.
  • When someone is hurt or betray making to feel a loss of trust.
  • When they attempt to escape guilty feelings over something they do not want to feel or admit to them.
  • When they believe their feelings are discounted, and their sense of self esteem is compromised.
  • When expectations are not met and they don’t get their way.

Carlos Todd, LPC, CAMF, NCC

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