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42-15664253The more I provide anger management services  the more I am able to  see that anger is only a signal of deeper emotional challenges. Essentially some emotional need goes unmet and anger lurks in the life of the  individual only waiting for some trigger to cause cause an explosion. Clients that are committed to anger management over a long time often begin to cue in to their emotional needs an may realize that they are in the wrong career, wrong city, wrong social environment, wrong marriage our even the wrong religion. They realize that their needs for security, love and belongingness, purpose and self-esteem has been starved by their decision to do what others want instead of what they want. All along the emotional signals give them a hint that something in their lives is not fulfilling but they ignore these signals. The result is a hypervigilance, and a defensive posture that is always poised to attack–often on those they love.

The alternative is to take responsibility  for their own lives and take action to increase their emotional vocabulary, emotional intelligence and meet the needs that are often associated with anger. Taking this journey can often result not only in reduced anger but a more fulfilling life.

If you suffer with persistent anger it may be a sign that some emotional need has gone unmet. A competent anger management professional can assist in this regard. This process often cannot be completed in group anger management or fast track programs. It requires work over the long term.




42-15495677Everyone, at one time or another, has anger management issues. It would be unnatural to go through life without ever feeling angry or upset about something. But not everyone deals with anger management in the same way. Some people have a problem with the past because of abuse. Others cannot deal with conflict resolution in a normal manner and resort to anger or even violence. Most of us learn, throughout life, how to handle our anger in a socially acceptable manner. Others, however, need help. This is because they were not taught as children how to handle their emotions in a proper manner. This can also be because of abuse that they suffered as children. You do not have to live with feelings of pent up rage all of the time that can actually make you ill. You can discreetly sign up for anger management online. Anger management courses online can help you overcome your feelings of frustration and rage and teach you how to handle your past as well as your present. Click here to join our anger management class facilitated by an anger management expert.

j0438632Jim was unable to see his kids until he completed a court approved anger management program. This was due to the fact that Jim had been an abusive husband. Although Jim never hit his kids, his ex wife felt that he might resort to hitting them now that he no longer could take out his anger management problems with her. She also feared that because the children were getting older and Jim had a problem with conflict resolution, he might hit the kids, especially their son. Jim went into an anger management online program and it began to help him. He was able to face his past and come to terms of how he treated his wife. Gradually, he began to take responsibility for his actions and was able to pass the course. He was then granted visitation with his kids. Unlike some people, Jim continued with the anger management courses and, when he saw some of his own actions reflecting in his own son, suggested to his ex wife that they get the child in counseling. Jim became a better person not because he attended anger management courses, but because he actually listened to what they were saying. Jim is now remarried and has a wonderful relationship with his children and even his ex-wife. And he no longer feels angry all the time. Do you feel like Jim sometimes? If so, click here to join our anger management class.

j03862921Do you suffer from anger management issues? Have you had problems with conflict resolution and feel that you always have to win or else you are weak? Perhaps you are like Tom. Tom used to have a father who was a bully. Tom’s father tried to raise a warrior because he, himself was bullied by his own father. Tom grew up with anger management problems that spilled out into his personal life. He was always getting into altercations in bars and at work and was unable to hold a job or a girlfriend for long. Finally, a judge ordered him to court approved anger management classes. Tom didn’t think he had any issues but when he finally allowed the anger management courses to help him, he realized he had a lot of pent up hostility. Tom is on his way to dealing with his problems. If you have anger management issues, click here to join our anger management class facilitated by an anger management expert.

CBR001235Anger and stress often go hand in hand and most of us feel both of these emotions at one time or another. However, some people feel anger so intensely that it ruins their lives. They end up losing relationships, jobs and hurting people who they love because they are unable to control this emotion. This usually stems from childhood. There is help, however. Anger management classes have proven effective when it comes to teaching someone appropriate behavior and how to control this basic emotion. You do not have to allow anger to control you and ruin your life. You can take control of your own life and improve your relationships as well as your professional life. Not only that, but you will feel happier about yourself. You will no longer look at the world through negative eyes but see it in a positive light. You can take anger management online from the comfort of your own home or take anger management classes from your local municipality. Many times, if you are involved in a domestic dispute, you will be ordered to take court approved anger management classes. Before this happens, get a head start and become a happier person. Eliminate unnecessary anger from your life. Click here to join our anger management class facilitated by an anger management expert.

thinking businessmanAnger is defined as a strong feeling of displeasure or hostility and is a root cause of many problems, unless an effective form of anger management is used. Here are seven anchors management techniques you can do to make sure wrath won’t take control on you.

Applying these techniques will help you to be stable as a tree with 7 roots, calm and relaxed even on stormed weather.

Accept and recognize the problem – Accepting that you have anger management issues is quite difficult. This is expected since you may be afraid to receive a negative feedback from others. Either way, it is really important to accept that you are struggling with anger management and find solutions to prevent the possible effects.

Identify the root and cause of your anger – Once you have accepted and recognized that you have anger management issues, the following thing to do is to identify why you are angry. This would help you focus on particular solutions that would directly solve your trouble. Recognizing the root and cause of your anger would also let you know how to stay away from things that would set off your anger.

Letting go – Many persons with anger management issues incline to hash over things and events that caused them pain and anger. This is grave since pain and suffering from the past could easily set off anger even from the simplest things. Make sure you let go, forgive, and then forget the things and the individuals who have hurt you before.

Avoid solving the problem – There are things that are out of your control. So, instead of focusing on the solving the problem, try to realize what are the right paths on how to handle the problem.

 It is alright to express anger but once the manifestation goes beyond your control, anger becomes bad. Doing something harmless and acceptable is the best way to apply strength.

Communicate well – Communicating well would make you listen to others as well as thinking well.

Just take it easy – Take a breath and try to relax your whole body. Anger management is a matter of choice. In other words, you are the only person responsible if you will get angry or not.

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