Online anger management classes

Posted on: December 17, 2008

j0438632Jim was unable to see his kids until he completed a court approved anger management program. This was due to the fact that Jim had been an abusive husband. Although Jim never hit his kids, his ex wife felt that he might resort to hitting them now that he no longer could take out his anger management problems with her. She also feared that because the children were getting older and Jim had a problem with conflict resolution, he might hit the kids, especially their son. Jim went into an anger management online program and it began to help him. He was able to face his past and come to terms of how he treated his wife. Gradually, he began to take responsibility for his actions and was able to pass the course. He was then granted visitation with his kids. Unlike some people, Jim continued with the anger management courses and, when he saw some of his own actions reflecting in his own son, suggested to his ex wife that they get the child in counseling. Jim became a better person not because he attended anger management courses, but because he actually listened to what they were saying. Jim is now remarried and has a wonderful relationship with his children and even his ex-wife. And he no longer feels angry all the time. Do you feel like Jim sometimes? If so, click here to join our anger management class.


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