Six tools of anger and conflict management

Posted on: January 3, 2009

online_conflict_coaching_exterior_circleThere are six simple tools to building better anger and conflict management: emotional competence, communication skills, conflict styles, negotiation, managing stress and resiliency. We believe that each tool is vital in learning to managing anger and conflict. In this workbook each of these tools will be covered in detail. You may not realize that even if you are meek all of the time and go along with everything that others want to do, you have anger issues. These
issues may not manifest themselves the way that other anger issues present. You are angry at yourself. You may do things to deliberately punish yourself, such as date the wrong people or deliberately sabotage your career. These are all hurtful things but actions that people with anger issues perform all of the time. Some people who truly want to punish themselves for not being strong enough to stand up for themselves end up in the receiving end of abusive
relationships. They feel as though they deserve it. After all, they are far from being worthy. When you learn our six tools of emotional competence, communication skills, negotiating
arts, managing stress and how to be resilient, you can finally learn to mature into an individual who can deal with conflict in a mature and open manner. No longer will you be hiding out, allowing the Caller ID to take the calls that you cannot deal with. No longer will you be taking out your anger on innocent parties. No longer will you be dealing with conflict in a manner that is unbecoming of the person that you want to be.


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