Why resolve conflict

Posted on: January 6, 2009

j01787931Good conflict is all around us. It usually involves us making some sort of choice. When we go out to eat, for example, we cannot possibly order all of the food on the menu, no matter how
good it looks. This is an example of a good conflict. For most people, the choice on a menu will not deter them from eating out. They will welcome this conflict as it gives them an opportunity to
make a decision. In this case, the decision will be what they should eat for dinner.

Most of us do not welcome bad conflict into our lives, yet yet it comes in anyway. Bad conflict is that which causes us some sort of stress. The reason that bad conflict causes us stress is because we do not know how to handle it. The more we can learn how to resolve conflict through conflict coaching, the more we can allow bad conflict turn into good conflict and the less stressed we will be.

Conflict can occur anywhere. Although it usually occurs when we are around other people, it can occur when we are at home. Just a connection to the internet, phone or mail can cause us to have conflict and stress equally. We can be sitting at home, relaxing and the phone rings. It’s our neighbor with a problem – our dog trampled the neighbor’s flowers and she wants us to replace them. We know it was not our dog but her cat that did this and we tell her. And what happens? Conflict! An argument ensues over whose pet trampled the neighbor’s flowers.

Conflict often occurs when we are out and about. We can be at work, school or at a store. Whenever we run into other people, we run the risk of running into conflict. When we run into a conflict, whether good or bad, we normally try to resolve them. Most people do not like to live their lives looking for conflict and always embroiled in some sort of
controversy. The average person seeks to avoid conflict. When faced with the inevitable conflict, a typical person will try to resolve it. They may do so in the wrong way such as yelling and trying to intimidate another party, but the need for resolution is paramount.  How you resolve conflicts says a lot about your emotional maturity as well as your ability to communicate with others. While some conflicts cannot be resolved due to another party being
stubborn, most of us try to resolve our conflicts so that we can have peace of mind.


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