What is emotional awareness?

Posted on: January 11, 2009

thinking businessmanA young woman named Marie was working at a bank. She was not an exceptional teller but because of her personality and the charm she was able to exude charm unlike others, she got promoted to be a personal banker. She reveled in her new position and took it as a great compliment.
People often came to see Marie and would wait for her rather than go to Gloria. Gloria was far more efficient than Marie, who would often get forms wrong or make mistakes. Gloria couldn’t understand why people would wait to see the incompetent Marie over her. One woman who came into the bank worked at a salon. She offered Marie a part time job during her days off being a manicurist. The salon needed someone to do nails. Marie had her license and had mentioned it to the customer making small talk, but never did nails professionally. The customer told her that she always had a job with her if she wanted it, regardless of how well she did nails. She brought up the fact that it the salon, there were some girls who did hair very well, but had no personality. Then there were other girls who did just an average job with the hair but whose personalities shone. Those were the stylists that people requested.

Building empathy

Emotional awareness is being in touch with the feelings of others. In order to be truly a whole individual, you have to be able to relate to other people in some manner. If you are unable to relate to other individuals, you are emotionally stunted. You can have all of the brains in the world, but people will still look at you as if you are lacking basic skills of proper human interaction.

The customer could see what Marie had. The bank manager could also see what Marie had. Gloria, despite her efficiency, could not see what Marie had. It was Gloria’s lack of emotional awareness. Marie was empathetic towards the customers at the bank. She knew how to make small talk. She got them to open up to her. She was more than just a banker, she was a trusted friend. Gloria was just someone who worked in the bank. Gloria’s IQ was 134. Marie’s IQ was 119. Who do you think got promoted to Branch Manager?


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