Techniques to building good decision making skills

Posted on: January 26, 2009

thinking businessmanDo you have good decision making skills? This is more than just about going into a restaurant and knowing what to order. It has to do with decisions that you make that affect your every day life. If you are constantly making poor decisions, perhaps it is time to evaluate your decision making skills. Some tips on how you can do this are as follows:

One of the reasons that you may make poor decisions is because you feel stressed to decide something right away. In most cases, this stress is self inflicted. Do not feel stressed out. Instead, make it a habit to take your time and not make any rash decisions.Give yourself at least 24 hours before you make a decision about anything. If you are finding that you are taking too long to make decisions, you can be over thinking. In that case, follow a technique where you put a time limit on how long you have to make a decision and stick to it. This way, you can force yourself into making a decision. It is not good to be too hasty or too undecided when it comes to making decisions. Both of these attributes can lead to consistently making the wrong decisions.

What are the options that you have with regard to the decision that you are being required to make? You should weigh each option carefully so that you can make the right decision. One technique to do this is to write down each of the options that you have with regard to the decision that you have to make and go over the pros and cons of each one. By doing this, especially by putting it in writing, you will then have a better understanding of the consequences that each decision can cause.

Not everything is black and white when it comes to decision making. Sometimes, the best decisions are those that are thought about after all conventional decisions have been exhausted. If you have to make a decision, you should consider all of the options and also those that are a little bit less conventional. Do not feel bound by convention if there is a better decision that will solve the problem out there.
There is nothing wrong with asking other people, whose opinions you value, what they think about the decision. One technique when it comes to making good decisions that you can use is to imagine the decision that someone you admire would make if he or she was in your shoes. This sometimes works when it comes to making the right decision. We often trust others before we trust ourselves. If you ask for help, ask from someone whose opinion you value. Then take note of their  decision and why they made such a decision. By viewing their decision making process,
you can learn to develop your own trusted decision making process as well.

While you should not compromise on your core values, you should be willing to make small compromises when it comes to decision making. One technique that you can use to try to come to better decisions involves picturing the perfect outcome in your head. When you picture this perfect outcome, what results do you see? What type of decision will achieve these results? You may find that you have to compromise with your decisions in order to get the results that you desire, but it will all be worth it in the end.


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