Is Conflict Coaching right for you?

Posted on: July 27, 2009

How many times have you done or said the following:
-Ignored a conflict that you had with a colleague only to take it out on a subordinate?
-Did something that you really didn’t want to do because you didn’t want to make someone else mad?
-Told off an innocent clerk in a store because you were really angry at someone or something else?
-Avoided telling someone that you didn’t want to see them anymore because you were afraid of their reaction and how it would affect you?
-Had thoughts of revenge against a customer who treated you badly?
-Had to listen to a customer who was abusive in an effort to keep your job?
-Been abusive to a spouse or family member, either verbally or physically, because you were angry at something else?
-Went along with a plan that you didn’t like just to avoid conflict and then felt resentful the entire time?
-Ran away from conflict by burying yourself in work or just ignoring the facts?
-Lied about there being “nothing wrong” just because you don’t want to take the trouble to examine the conflict?
-Been fired from a job for losing your temper?
-Had an argument with a colleague that resulted in getting a reprimand or worse?
-Was told you were too angry and unreasonable to talk to?
-Was told that you were too passive and should get angry?

If you have said yes to any of the above, if any of them strike a chord with you, then you can use
conflict coaching. Conflict coaching will enable you to deal with conflicts that come up in your life in an emotionally mature way. Conflict coaching teaches you how to deal with conflict right then, when it happens, as you
should. Once you realize that you can learn this concept, you will feel more in control of your own life and your destiny.


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