Why others fail to change—how you will succeed

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Not everyone is willing to change. Take the example of Michael who still languishes at the law office where he hopes to be a partner. Many people resist change for a variety of reasons. The number one reason why people refuse to change is that they are afraid of the unknown.
Another reason why people refuse to change is that they do not want to step out of their comfort zone. Even if their way is not working and they express being dissatisfied, they will still resist change. This is why people end up failing. And why you will succeed. If you are willing to change and find better ways to do things, you can also help motivate 

You cannot expect people to change their way of doing things overnight. If you have ever worked in a business where someone new came in and took over and tried to institute change right away, you understand that sort of frustration. After all, you are getting along fine, you feel comfortable with your job and all of the sudden someone comes along and wants to change the way that you do everything. It can be scary and threatening others to change as well.

While you may become more resilient and willing to change in your quest to grow, others around you may not be so willing to change. Yet if they work with you or for you or are living in your house, you have to motivate them to change. You cannot do this all of a sudden. You have to do it in small steps.


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