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To understand the connection between anger and the other emotions a military analogy would be apt. It is helpful to see the other emotions (fear, sadness, jealousy, confusion…), as the early warning progressing through the use of accelerated force to defend something we hold dear. If these warnings are ignored, anger is the final force option available to emotionally protect us. Therefore the use of effective communication is critical to communicate our needs and to avoid the use of “accelerated force.”

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

Anger Management/Executive Coaching of Charlotte, North Carolina



Something happened after 9/11 that has not been talked about much. Those of us who are specifically trained and run exclusive anger management practices experienced a rise in anger management referrals. The responsible anger management facilitator should ask the question “why?” The answers may give us clues to the origins of anger and the possible triggers.

Let me be honest, I am an immigrant to the United States and would be the first to admit that I have a magical view of the United States. It is the only place on earth where the dreams to be self-actualized is valued. It is an open society where dreams are made real for almost anyone. To inspire this kind of optimism requires an emotionally intelligent nation that sees the value of human endeavor and creates a safe and structured environment to facilitate the development of its human capital. Large portions of its citizens must have the need for food, shelter and security met. The nation must also be heavily defended so that the citizens feel they are free to roam without fear. Finally, the nation must provide the framework where ingenuity is not only welcomed but supported and seen as a superior attribute. Although not a perfect model, these United States achieved many of these parameters thus wealth and ingenuity flourished. For a long time America has not only wielded military might but an ideology that has virtually swept across the globe. Such supremacy created the kind of security that is needed to create self-actualized citizens.

On 9/11, however, a visible war was declared not on the United States military but on the ideology of our great land. How was it possible that our once safe society now lives with the daily threat of terror? What is the impact of this ever present threat? I contend that for some the dream that is America has been shaken. This shake has created fear, insecurity, doubt and uncertainty. Such primary emotions are a recipe for anger.

Anger is a secondary emotion. Long before an individual becomes angry they feel a cluster of primary emotions that are signals to alert that some emotional threat is looming; some need is not met. If the initial signals are ignored the result is anger that is directed at a convenient target.

The issue here is that suddenly the safety net—real or imagined– was gone and the individual citizen now had new considerations. The meaning associated with the wife/husband, the house, picket fence and a dog was also shaken especially as the impact of 9/11 was coupled with globalization and the reputation that the world no longer had “warm fuzzy” feelings about these United States. If one accepts the idea anger is associated with feelings of insecurity such uncertainty about the future and our place in the global environment are all a source of collective anger.

Insecurity and uncertainty cause humans to hoard more, be more defensive, be more impulsive, increase hyper-vigilance, reduce trust, isolate and in such a state anger on the highways, in school, at work or any ware else is not very far behind. It is not so much that we fear that a terrorist is right around the corner. That would be too simplistic. The problem is that the emotional safety nets that once carried this society into great feats are going. There is a period of change and as with any change there is a period of uncertainty. This uncertainty hit home to every American who still wants that piece of the American pie. Nevertheless, the stressors of living in a society that has become vulnerable since 9/11, in my mind, is one reason that anger management facilitators have seen an increase in the numbers of those referred to anger management. The anger is a small symptom of the loss of meaning that was associated with attacks of 9/11.


Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

Anger Management/Executive Coaching of Charlotte, North Carolina



Dealing with the Anger of 9-11

The images from September 11, 2001 are forever burned in the minds most Americans.

But the anger many of us felt that day is an emotion that some folks battle on a consistent basis?

WBTV’s Lenise Ligon has the story.


People get pretty angry for a lot reasons. Traffic jams, a bad day at the office, arguments over the kids and the the brutal terrorist attacks from 9/11.

After 9/11, referrals to anger management just really spiked.

It has been six years since our nation was attacked. That day our world changed forever.

Carlos Todd, of Todd’s Anger Management Solutions, says it has been especially different in his line of work as an anger management consultant.

“The reason is that stress levels get higher people get more fearful and it causes us to be uncertain,” he said.

He says you can get your anger under control three different ways: fight, flight or freeze.

Fight — look for a constructive solution.

Flight — walk away.

Or Freeze — take a step back.

After 9/11 we wanted to fight, not physically though, we went looking for answers.

But remember terrorism is not always the root cause of anger.

Todd says anger is a secondary emotion and in this case could be avoided.

“If it is too severe. If it leads to violence. All of these things are indicators that an individual has problems managing their anger.”

Who could forget the message of actor Alec Baldwin yelling at his 11-year-old daughter.

Todd says when it comes to managing your anger, sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back and think — freeze.

It is easy to say, but learning how means more than just keeping a lid on your temper.

“It is a course,” Todd explains, “it is a class, designed to teach people stress management, anger management, communications skills and emotional intelligence.”

He says he can show you the techniques, but the success depends on you.

Motivation is a real strong part of this process.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

Carlos Todd is the owner of Todd’s Anger Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC


There is no doubt that anger management is a new but very misunderstood service. As a matter of fact the media has done more to teach the public about anger management than professional anger management providers. This has had negative consequences. It has led the public to believe that anger management is only for those who have explosive tempers. This pervasive public perception has cause those who struggle with everyday issue with anger to avoid the anger management provider because they believe that they will have to sit with “thugs and criminals” in a class. This perception is so much further from the truth.

Luckily the media blitz by Anderson and Anderson, The Anger Management Institute of Texas, Executive and Life Coaching Inc, SB Consulting, Daybreak Services and my organization Todd’s Anger management Solutions is causing a shift in public perception. In addition to those who have been mandated by the court we are now seeing clients from all walks of life who want to deal with their anger in a safe, confidential, and private setting by credible and trained professionals. More encouraging is that theses individuals are returning again and again after the assessment to be seen to address their anger management problems. They are aware that anger can affect their health, productivity, social and work relationships and future prosperity. The fact that these individuals return also suggest that it is worth their time and money to work along with a certified anger management facilitator.

A recent trend is also emerging where the perceived usefulness of anger management has been expanding to couples, executives, public officials, police officers, nurses and organization training. This expansion is another example versatility of globally recognized Anderson and Anderson anger management model.

We as a community of anger management providers welcome these trends and will continue to do all we can to share with the public the development of credible anger management services across the country.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

Carlos Todd is the owner of Todd’s Anger Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC


Rest assured that there is perfectly nothing wrong with getting angry. Your anger was a signal that something was wrong or was violated. Anger is a secondary emotion. You may need to do some examination of your life to determine if there are emotional needs that not meet. Anger is a sign that should not be ignored wise just like it would not be wise to ignore a pain in any part of your body. The good needs is that anger management can lead one to understand the signals that anger is trying to communicate–learning this skill is a first step to mastermastering your anger.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

Carlos Todd is the owner of Todd’s Anger Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC

As an anger management provider I often wonder about the process by which individuals decide to pick up the phone and decide to call me or any of those in our network of providers. The biggest concern may be that of credibility. The consumer should be aware that many of the providers across the country are part of a nationwide network and are trained in the globally acclaimed Anderson and Anderson model. So if you are looking for a credible provider of anger management  visit,,

I can only imagine how difficult that first call maybe. Take the step to improving your life and contact you local anger management provider today.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

President of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

Carlos Todd is the owner of Todd’s Anger Management Solutions in Charlotte, NC



At a time when managed care is disrupting how those trained in mental health deliver quality services, there are a new breed of entrepreneurs who are doing what they love and still have the financial resources to invest in there continued clinical growth while meeting their obligations to their families.

All of the providers mentioned were trained in anger management by the George Anderson, the creator of the globally recognized Anderson and Anderson anger management model. They represent the rare mix of mental health training and business savvy. Anyone looking for high quality anger management consulting, executive coaching, organization training should not hesitate to call anyone on the list below

George Anderson: The creator of the globally recognized Anderson and Anderson model which purports that anger management is a class that teaches anger management, stress management, emotional intelligence and communication skills. His website is arguably the most visited anger management website in the world. Click here to visit their website

Colbert Williams: The creator of the first dynamic anger management marketing DVD that was accepted by anger management providers nationwide. Click here to visit his website

Shannon Munford: He is a young entrepreneur with five anger management sites in California. The reality is that many mental health practitioners find it difficult to support one location but Shannon is serving his community with several locations, while building an impressive business savvy. Click here to visit his website

Gregory Kyles: His organization called the Anger Management Institute of Texas is posed to become the epicenter of anger management in that state. Mr. Kyles is redefining anger management by helping us to understand that classes can be completed in a friendly, safe and professional environment. Click here to visit his website

Sonia Brill: How could we forget Ms. Brill? In about a year Sonia Brill has transformed her small anger management practice into a consulting firm providing highly specialized services to those whose divorce is so filled with so much anger that settlement is elusive. To learn more about Ms. Brill click here.

The list is in no way all encompassing, however the five mentioned deserve our attention as a new breed of social entrepreneurs. They all come highly recommended.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Carlos Todd is the owner of Todd’s Anger Management Solutions with two locations in Charlotte, NC


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