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Some individuals are convinced that their way is the best way. They tend to angrily force (this can and is often done in very subtle ways-gestures, facial expressions) others to do things their way while neglecting the fact that others have opinions that need to be respected. This tendency represents poor emotional intelligence and a lack of communication skills. Therefore a key component of any credible anger management program is teaching emotional intelligence and communication skills.

A major part of what is done in our anger management class is to teach the participant how to avoid the center of the world syndrome. If you have the center of the world syndrome you may need an anger management class. For a anger management provider in your area visits   



I have been observing an interesting trend. In the last month I have seen many men who in order to save their marriage came to an anger management class. Initially some came just to appease their wives but for the most part these men displayed a genuine interest in changing their habits. Some struggled with cultural norms that seem to have driven them to having domineering perceptions of women, others struggled with being passive or explosive and yet others sought to build better communication skills and empathy to improve their interaction with their spouse. What note is worthy is that by the end of the class the resistance to change often goes away.     

Please note that we do not provide domestic violence interventions. DV interventions are distinct to anger management and should not be confused. Anger management is about managing a very normal emotion however DV related to power and control in intimate relationships and require other specialized interventions.        

 Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF    

In the battle to manage anger George Anderson was exact in his assessment that learning communcation skills in key. Over and over again I see my clients struggle to transform their language in a way that averts conflict. A turning point for many is when they begin to realize that words are only an attempt to communicate. No longer are words taken as a signal to fight but instead the listener listens with his heart and hears the full communcation of the other person. This includes body language, facial expressions and tonal inflections. The listener then hears the underline emotions that are driving the words and may be less likely to respond on impulse but thoughtfully.

There is a tendency to take words as the “final word” however so often we miscommunicate as we attempt to express our ideas or concerns. Comprehensive anger management teaches the individual communication and emotional intelligence to improve that individual’s ability to both speak respectfully and listen with his heart. To learn more visit

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Anger Management/Executive Coaching of Charlotte, North Carolina

The east coast premier provider of anger management services

In the last two months Todd’s Anger Management Solutions(TAMS), PLLC has been experiencing tremendous growth. Our client base now includes companies, multi-national executives, doctors, salespersons and as always we continue to cater to the needs of individuals and families who struggle with anger and conflict. In response to this growth, and the need to be well positioned for the future, our company will begin to transform its image to further cater to the needs of its growing client base. In the next month Todd’s Anger Management Solutions, PLLC will be reintroduced as Conflict Coaching and Consulting, LLC and will be adding an array of services including anger management, conflict resolution and conflict coaching. Our web domain will remain however, we will be introducing a newly designed website that will be simple and concise. Other developments are in the works including Carlos Todd being featured in a nationwide publication in June. So stay tuned…

I want to thank all those who have trusted Todd’s Anger Management Solutions and we look forward to serving you as Conflict Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Anger Management/Conflict Coaching of Charlotte, North Carolina

The east coast premier provider of anger management services

That depends purely on the individual. A well trained anger management facilitator will teach all the skills necessary that allows the individual to make changes in their lives. However experience tells me that motivation and a commitment to change is key to any long term success. This is not to say that there are not snake oil anger management providers out there who fail to deliver the information needed to truly understand anger–this does happen. What I am trying to emphasize is that if one is motivated to change and the skills are provided change is not only possible but likely. So instead of asking if anger management works one could ask–Am I ready to change?

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Anger Management/Individual Coaching in Charlotte, North Carolina

The east coast premier provider of anger management services

Every new case I work with  I learn more  about the anatomy of anger.  A recent observation is the link between trauma and anger. Although it must be made clear that anger management is a class that teaches skills there is no doubt that some of the time  chronic anger is associated with some traumatic experience. The trauma could be overt or covert. It could be abuse or it could be a associated with a parent who was over bearing and uncaring. What I have observed is that trauma tends to lead to feelings of insecurity or being unsafe, this state of mind then leads to hyper-sensitivity or hyper vigilance to the presence of emotional threat, which in turn leads to a constant or heightened state of being ready for a fight.

Anger is then a symptom of a person who may be deeply insecure and feels the need to constantly protect themselves. To overcome this state of mind will take a combination of therapy and the development of emotional intelligence which will help the individual understand their own emotions as well as the emotions of others learn ways to respond to the world as less of a threat.

Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

Anger Management/Executive Coaching of Charlotte, North Carolina

The east coast premier provider of anger management services


Through no fault of her own, Naomi Campbell, like so many other
celebrities, has never received anger management. Instead, she has
received counseling or psychotherapy for what amounts to a non-
existing mental or emotional disorder. Further, the person who
provided the services had no formal training or experience in teaching
or coaching anger management.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is a normal
human emotion. Everyone experiences anger. All mental and nervous
disorders are catalogued and listed in The Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Nervous and Mental Disorders (DSMIV). There is no listing
for anger. Anger is considered by the APA to be a “lifestyle” issue.

Authorities in the field of anger management consider anger to be a
problem under the following conditions:

* When it is too intense
* When it occurs too frequently
* When it leads to health problems
* When it lasts too long
* When it destroys work, school or family relationships
* Or when it leads to aggression or person-directed violence

Anger management is a class that can be taught using a one-on-one
coaching format or small group. All providers must have specific
training and Certification in Anger Management. Prior to enrollment in
an anger management class, each participant must undergo an
assessment. The assessment is designed to determine the client’s level
of functioning in recognizing stress, anger, assertive communication
and empathy/emotional intelligence. The fifth assessment area is
“motivation to change”.

Following the assessment, clients who are motivated to change are
assigned a client workbook with skill enhancement information,
exercises and quizzes to increase performance in the aforementioned
areas. Following the completion of the anger management coaching or
class, a post-test is given to determine the success, or lack of
success, of the anger management intervention.

While some mental health professionals are also Certified Anger
Management Facilitators, most psychiatrists, psychotherapists and
psychologists have no training in this field. Currently, none of the
training programs in Medicine, Clinical Social Work or Clinical
Psychology offer training or Certification in Anger Management
Facilitation. This can easily be confirmed by simply contacting the
Professional Schools in your State and asking: Do you offer training
in anger management for mental health professionals?

For a list of trained, Certified Anger Management Facilitators/
Coaches, visit the following websites:, or

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