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j0285144Consider the following situations:

  • Ignored a conflict that you had with a colleague only to take it out on a subordinate?
  • Did something that you really didn’t want to do because you didn’t want to make someone else mad?
  • Told off an innocent clerk in a store because you were really angry at someone or something else?
  • Avoided telling someone that you didn’t want to see them anymore because you were afraid of their reaction and how it would affect you?
  • Had thoughts of revenge against a customer who treated you badly?
  • Had to listen to a customer who was abusive in an effort to keep your job?
  • Been abusive to a spouse or family member, either verbally or physically, because you were angry at something else?
  • Went along with a plan that you didn’t like just to avoid conflict and then felt resentful the entire time?
  • Ran away from conflict by burying yourself in work or just ignoring the facts?
  • Lied about there being “nothing wrong” just because you don’t want to take the trouble to examine the conflict?
  • Been fired from a job for losing your temper?Had an argument with a colleague that resulted in getting a reprimand or worse?
  • Was told you were too angry and unreasonable to talk to?
  • Was told that you were too passive and should get angry?

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Is your relationship stressful?

Is anger dominant part of your relationship?

Do you have difficulty expressing your feelings?

Do you feel misunderstood by your spouse?

Do you need usable techniques to manage conflict in your relationship?

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Carlos Todd, LPC, NCC, CAMF

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There are umpteen reasons for us to be angry with our spouses, or partners. They can be due to lack of appreciation or not paying enough attention to your needs, being away from home due to work related issues, not participating in house activities, or just plain boredom. The best way to get rid of anger is to keep quiet and let the time pass. Time is the only healer for all issues. Partners can be exasperating while in a relationship. When you are new to each other the spark exists but as you spend more time with each other we tend to take our spouse for granted. Forgetting important days like birthday is generally the major issue. A woman needs to be constantly appreciated. Do that and see how she melts in your arms.

Another area where anger exists between spouses is in bringing up kids. Since both are from different back grounds there are many issues that need to be sorted out. The best way is to sit down and have a good talk. Flying off the handle at simple provocation can only lead to disaster in a relationship. By practicing yoga and meditation you can keep yourself calm and composed.

A positive attitude towards your relationship and communication can help your relationship go on successfully. Couples need to plan and prioritize in the beginning itself. Learn to agree to disagree on certain issues. Compromise and adjustment is very essential. Instead of being individualistic, approach life as a team. This helps you grow and bond well together and relegate anger to the back burner.

Carlos Todd, LPC

Anger is a serious problem that tends to envelop those who are considering divorce or who are divorcing. Across the country some certified providers of anger management are using their skill not necessarily to stop the divorce but to help couples go through the divorce process with less conflict.  Less conflict has a monetary value because the ability to resolve matters easily can mean  a reduction of thousands or maybe tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Some individuals have also been seeking anger management to manage conflict to save their own marriage. To find an anger management provider in your area visit

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